The Hippocampus Encodes Distances in Multidimensional Feature Space

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In our latest paper, now out in Current Biology, we show that as a result of concept learning, the human hippocampus encodes distances between points in a multidimensional feature space defined along task-relevant perceptual dimensions. These findings support the view that hippocampal coding principles provide a metric for “cognitive space” beyond navigation.
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Navigating Cognition: Spatial Codes for Human Thinking

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It is one of the most fundamental questions in neuroscience: How do humans think? In our latest paper, now out in Science, Jacob Bellmund and Christian Doeller teamed up with Peter Gärdenfors, cognitive scientist at Lund University, and Edvard Moser, physiologist at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, to offer a new proposal—Humans think using their brain’s navigation system.
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