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A new bioRxiv preprint has been released

By 17 October 2017News, Research

Our new preprint “Theta phase coordinated memory reactivation reoccurs in a slow-oscillatory rhythm during NREM sleep” is available on bioRxiv.

It has been proposed that sleep’s contribution to memory consolidation is to reactivate prior encoded information. To elucidate the neural mechanisms carrying reactivation-related mnemonic information, we investigated whether content-specific memory signatures associated with memory reactivation during wakefulness reoccur during subsequent sleep. We show that theta oscillations orchestrate the reactivation of memories, irrespective of the physiological state. Reactivation patterns during sleep autonomously re-emerged at a rate of 1 Hz, indicating a coordination by slow oscillatory activity.

Thomas Schreiner, Christian F. Doeller, Ole Jensen, Björn Rasch, Tobias Staudigl (2017).