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New paper on the cover of Trends In Cognitive Sciences

By 17 August 2018News, Research

Our new review article “How the brain’s navigation system shapes our visual experience” is featured on the cover of the September issue of Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Vision and navigation share several computational challenges, but the extent to which these challenges are solved by overlapping neural systems is unclear. In our latest review article published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, we discuss recent electrophysiological and neuroimaging work demonstrating that brain areas traditionally studied in the context of navigation and memory also mediate representations of visual space that are stably anchored to the external world. We suggest that viewing and navigation are not two independent processes, but rather two expressions of one neural mechanism that enables us to explore the world.

To read more, please find the pdf-version of our article here.

Nau, M. & Julian, J.B., Doeller, C.F. (2018). How the Brain’s Navigation System Shapes Our Visual Experience. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.