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The Department of Psychology is delighted to announce the next talk of the Mind Meeting Seminar Series. This monthly event features excellent researchers from around the world working on fundamental issues in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.

On Thursday May 2nd, Dr. Caswell Barry (University College London) will speak about “The contribution of grid cells to spatial navigation”.

When: Thursday 2nd May, 15.30

Where: Charlotte Bühler room, MPI for Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig

The talk will be followed by a drinks reception.

You are very welcome to attend!

Dr. Barry is interested in how the brain creates, store, and updates memories for places and events. He records the activity of neurons in the hippocampus and associated sensory cortices in combination with computational modeling to understand the processes the trigger memory formation and retrieval. Dr. Barry also closely collaborates with Google Deepmind to translate neuroscientific findings to artificial intelligence research.

Recent publications:

  • Vector-based navigation using grid-like representations in artificial agents. A Banino, C Barry, B Uria, C Blundell, T Lillicrap, P Mirowski, A Pritzel, et al., Nature 557 (7705), 429
  • Task demands predict a dynamic switch in the content of awake hippocampal replay. HF Olafsdottir, F Carpenter, C Barry, Neuron 96 (4), 925-935. e6
  • Coordinated grid and place cell replay during rest. HF Ólafsdóttir, F Carpenter, C Barry, Nature neuroscience 19 (6), 792


Upcoming Mind Meeting talks:

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