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The Department of Psychology is delighted to announce the next online talk of the Mind Meeting Seminar Series.

On Thursday 25th November, 3.30 pm CET, Professor Brigitte Roeder (University of Hamburg, Germany) will give a talk entitled “The role of experience for the development of visual and multisensory functions“.

When: Thursday 25th November,  03:30 – 04:50 pm (CET)

The talk will take place virtually via Zoom. Please contact us at if you are interested in taking part.


In my talk I will present some recent findings from studies investigating the developmental trajectory of multisensory integration and crossmodal learning in healthy individuals. Next I will discuss the experience dependence of  the development of visual and multisensory functions by presenting both behavioral, EEG and brainimaging data from individuals who were born blind due to congenital bilateral cataracts and who only recovered vision later in life.