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DoellerLab goes back to school

By News, Society

Students of the Arnhem International School (age 5-9) paid a visit to the Donders Institute. Here, the children experienced what you can learn about the brain with simple and fun experiments organized by our group. Such events bring the brain sciences closer to people and their lives.


DoellerLab on the radio

By Media, News

Why do some people always lose their way in a new city, while others have a flawless sense of direction? The answer might have to do with how we sense the world around us. In this episode of the radio show Labyrint, Richard, Bob, Emmy and Henk discuss how their sense of the world sometimes shifts by 90 degrees, while neuroscientists Christian Doeller, Joost Wegman and Tobias Navarro Schröder try to explain this phenomenon.


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