Open position for trainee/ master student:

‘The role of memory reactivations during wakefulness and sleep’.

During sleep, newly encoded events are spontaneously reactivated, underlying the beneficial effect of sleep on memory consolidation. Inducing reactivation processes during sleep by re-exposure to learning associated memory cues (e.g. odors, sounds, words) results in improved memory recall. Neural signs of memory reactivation and replay are not exclusive to sleep, but emerge as well during post-learning wakefulness. However, the functional role of those post-learning memory reactivations during wakefulness and their possible relevance for reactivation, selection and consolidation processes during subsequent sleep are largely unknown.

We seek motivated master students for an upcoming project, which aims at identifying the functional and neural interplay of reactivation processes during wakefulness and sleep. The experiment, starting in August 2016, will be performed in the MEG laboratory of the Donders Institute.

The prospective master student will be involved in all stages of the experiment, ranging from helping with data collection during nights, to MEG/EEG data processing. The student will learn state of the art methods in the field of sleep and memory research and will be enrolled in the Memory and Space group of Dr. Christian Doeller.

If you are interested in doing you master thesis in this project please contact Thomas Schreiner.