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September 2017

Time to welcome new members to our group in Trondheim!

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Joshua Julian | Postdoc
Josh got his Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania, where he studied how the mammalian brain uses visual information navigate. Broadly, he is interested in understanding spatial behavior in terms of the physiological properties of neural populations and investigates this using a combination of functional calcium imaging in rodents, fMRI and virtual-reality in humans, and cognitive behavioral testing in both species.

Lilith Sommer | PhD candidate
After her Dual Masters degree of Neuroscience in London and Paris, Lilith was working in a healthcare company. A FENS winter school on memory confirmed her wish to continue her academic career and to start her PhD at Kavli. Here, she will be working with rats and humans using calcium imaging and fMRI, looking for a grid-cell code in conceptual space.